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About Us Gallery Services Studio
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February 14, 2009

Let's Learn How to Paint Learn How to Draw
Every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 TV program- "Let's Learn How to Paint" will be shown by the Broadcast Company Rustavi2. This is the joint project of Zaal Sulakauri Art Studio and Rustavi2, where all students from Art Studio will participate.

Zaal Sulakauri's Art Studio offers you classes in graphic arts, painting in oil and history of Art.
Classes will be held twice a week
Duration of the classes: 1,5 hours
Studio: 2 99 63 15; 2 92 15 45
Administrator: 577 73 66 23
Zaliko: 5 99 369 000

Additional Information

Famous British actor Alan Rickman visited Tbilisi 9th International Book Festival where a caricature was presented to him painted by Zaal Sulakauri.

ზალიკოს ცენტრი

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